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Welcome to Yuna Primary School

Surrounded by vast country yet a hive of learning and activity the Yuna Primary School nurtures its students  and is supported by a strong agricultural community.

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New School Uniform

The Yuna P&C received a generous donation from the Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) enabling the purchase of new polo shirts and hats for each student and they look great.

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Bookfair 2024

The Scholastic Bookfair took place on Thursday May 23.  This year's theme was "Bookfair Blizzard".........chill out with a good book".
The Bookfair was packed with a multitude of genres, including fantasy, classics, reference, ward winners, humour, non-fiction and mystery.

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Woodwork with Mr Eric our Chaplain.

Recently, we opened up our technology shed, after a very hot Term 1, and students commenced a new project.  They were guided by Mr Eric, our Chaplain and supported by teachers.  Students put their mathematical and art skills to the test.

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Mother's Day Celebration

It was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with the Yuna CWA in hosting the mums of the Yuna community to celebrate Mother's Day.  Mrs Maver started the event off by reading the book "Some Mums"by Nick Bland.  The students followed with a Mother's Day song and some hilarious Mother's Day jokes.

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Yuna, Chapman Valley and Binnu Primary Schools work together regularly to improve outcomes for students, staff and communities.

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